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“My journey here at Your Next Level Fitness has been an amazing one, I’ve changed so much not only physically but mentally too.  If you don’t mind I’d like to give you a brief background………

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was happy with my size and shape,  But I wasn’t healthy……(continue reading )


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It all started almost 3 years ago when a friend asked me to go with her to a personal training session one Sunday morning – up until then I had thought I should do some form of exercise but found numerous excuses not to start!

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“I had “been there and done that” with almost every diet craze known to man – I tried everything from diet pills to an odd contraption that sent electric shocks through my body, not to mention many fad diets!

John was friendly and professional, and I enjoyed his training and motivation.

1 year to the day I was weighing in exactly 12 stone lighter and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself for what I had achieved.



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Something clicked in my mind this wasn’t the life I wanted any more, I wanted to lose weight and see how fit I could get, I was referred by my physio to a lifestyle advisor and I remember the feeling when he told me I weighed 29 stone and 5 pounds!!!  

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I have always had a massive insecurity and complex about my weight and it has prevented me from enjoying things like holidays, summer, swimming,  nights out etc.

I have tried slimming clubs in the past and whilst they did help me lose weight, they didn’t really do anything for my shape.....

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 For Lent this years I decided to enrol on a ‘gut buster’ –  45 days of no alcohol, bread, potatoes, takeaways – along with a workout a day. My workouts had to be a minimum of 20 mins if I classified it as a recovery session or 15 mins in it was more intense, interval sessions for example. 

For Darrens FULL story – CLICK HERE 


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Jen did Bootcamp once a week and loved it, and then ramped things up to 2 a week and used our private gym to feel great on her special day !  Read on why Jen will always be a fan of strength training and Your Next Level…..


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I’ve been doing John’s bootcamps now for three months. After starting with one a week, I soon found myself enjoying them so much I am currently doing three a week. The difference from a gym is huge. The atmosphere is more relaxed, friendly and because they are outside – exercising in fresh air just makes you feel better. This allows you to put all your effort into the hours session. John is a great trainer – tough, pushes you, encourages you to keep improving and reaching the goals you want to achieve.

 Like with anything, Patience is important but with John’s leadership and guidance you will no doubt achieve your goals.   He’s always there to answer questions or give advice regarding diet or exercises.

 My goals to start with were to lose the weight that seemed to have built up around my stomach, gain a higher level of  fitness and tone. After three months of exercising with John and making changes to my diet not only have I noticed a  difference in my fitness level and the reduction of my stomach my but others have also commented on  the difference.

At the moment I’m continuing with my original goals and looking forward to seeing the results in another three months.


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Lorna came to us unable to to a press up… she can do 20+ press ups, chin ups, and is stronger leaner fitter…… you have to read her story and the short video she made to show what hard work and discipline can do!  Read on HERE……!


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After having my 2nd baby in January last year (2014) I made myself a promise that I would lose my baby weight and get back into my jeans.  I wanted to get fit again, be happy about how I looked and have more energy.

My goal when I first started in April was to lose the weight and get back to what size I was before my pregnancy.   I had put on 3 stone while pregnant and thanks to John with his help and guidance with training and diet …………I did it! To read more of Linzi’s story CLICK HERE


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I went to meet John before my first session and he gave me some exercises to be working on before my first bootcamp session, as well as lots of advice about improving my diet.

When I went along to my first session I was really nervous, I thought I would never keep up with everyone else and that I would look totally out of place.



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 ”Bootcamps are not just about fat loss, they are so much more, a chance to meet up with people on similar journeys who want to better themselves and gain confidence in what they are doing.”

   To read Scotts words about how our bootcamps helped him complete some tough challenges – CLICK HERE.


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A year ago i made the decision to change my life. I was playing social rugby, which I really enjoyed, but I was overweight and not fit enough to play at a higher level and this was always going to limit my progress. The head coach of a premiership team told me if I trained properly I had a lot of potential to play premiership rugby.

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On my first session on 19th June 2008 I weighed in at 19 stone 2 lbs. I was totally embarrassed to be so heavy and wondered if I was kidding myself to think I could really get rid of it all. John didn’t gasp, he said that the good thing about being so heavy was that I might see some dramatic weight loss in the first couple of weeks. 

A Year on, I now weigh between 12 and 12-and-a-half stone – and I feel I am at the right body weight now. 

For all of Andrea’s Story and Pictures, CLICK HERE!!

Kris Michaels

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